Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Kingdom of Loathing SDCC 2007 booth

photos from con

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Comic-Con Smallville Bag Dress

Comic-Con Smallville Bag Dress, originally uploaded by LRG410.

i'll have to see if i can find a better picture.

SDCC 2007

I'm back from the comic con. Saw John Favaru walking around but didn't take his picture because he was with his kids. Also saw Brian Posen, Elvira, Jane Weiden, Lou Fergino. Got Ray Harryhausen's autograph. Made an exquisite corpse book by taking a band saw to a sketchbook. Got lots of drawings for it but need more. i'll take it to stumptown. should have gotten more indy artist, they have a sense of humor and get it right away. Shaenon Garrity, Jill Thompson, Mark Wheatly, John Allison, Ben Edlund, Tim Sale, Matt Wagner, Debbie Huey, Phil Foglio and a few more artist. I have to say that Garrity's drawing is my favorite. It's made me an instant fan. We only went for 2 of the 4 days and it wasn't enough to see everything. Kingdom of Loathing had a booth, but they had closed up before i could get anything. It turns out that Kinkos operates a shipping center from the lobby of the convention. Had i known that before, i would have bought allot more stuff. I did buy one page of Simon Bisley art from FAKK 2 and some indy comics. I wish i would have found a t-shirt to buy. I went to one panel, because to me, it's part of the con experience. I picked on one kid's comics but i'm afraid it wasn't that interesting. about 1/3 of the hour was taken up by people just saying what the first comics they read were. i did get some tips on some titles to check out. i'll have to see how they pan out. WB was hading out huge Smallville bags. I heard that someone had made one into a dress. I wish i had seen it. i'll have to see if i can find a picture.
Thanks to Ben for arranging all of this, i probably wouldn't have gone otherwise.
excuse all the spelling mistakes. i know allot of the names are wrong.