Saturday, April 30, 2005

Thursday, April 28, 2005

I'm ambivalent about huckabees

So I saw I heart huckabees on Ben's raving review. I think I would have liked this film had it not had an all star cast + mark walburg is mark walburg and I tend to not like dustin hoffman and lily tomlin. I can see the point that the movie was trying to make, but I don't think it sold it. Also, I kept thinking, "oh, they're trying to do that surreal michael gondry thing" which they don't do as well. Ben did say he had really low expectations going in.
I give it a middle grade.

So, what's the opposite of nihilism anyways?

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

[PD] fight

Film idea 2

Film a cross profile of people in an interview setting. Ask them their job, background and level of education. Ideally, this would be from older, well-to-do to younger less well-to-do. This should show a correlation between education level and success. Ask them at what point they decided to go as far through school as they did. How fully this will show that kids early on decide if they will go to college or not.
Kids aren't dumb, they know what their chances of going to a good school are and whether or not they can afford it. They know long before they're college age. If they know they're not going to go far, why put in any effort? Sure, there are exeptions that the right will bring out. But those are the few that are willing to swim against the current. On the flip side, you can't convince me that if Quayle and W. weren't privileged like they are, that they would have gotten as far as they have.
A long time ago, this was suppose to be the education administration. People talk about how to improve academic scores and get kids to do better. No one has bothered to ask the kids.
I don't think you should try to push kids, you should entice them with the benefits of education and the assurance that anyone that has the grades to attend a good school has the money to back it up.

Flim idea 1

Take all the drawings from an art studio class and film them in order to get a rotating camera effect ala Matrix.

Rx Dr Seuss

Last week NPR had a report by Richard Knox about COx in hibitors like Vioxx being pulled from the market. My question is, "was it sold in a box?"

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Friday, April 01, 2005

Worst Movie

The worst movie i ever saw was Up Close and Personal. I'm not talking about a low budget movie with bad actors, this movie starred Michelle Pfeiffer and Robert Redford. This movie went through something like 12 rewrites. Someone ended up writing a book about it. The movie was based on a real person, but they couldn't even stick to that. Instead of having Pfeiffer's character die, like she really did, they kill off her lover. I kept waiting for the movie to end. I kept thinking it was over, but it kept on going. I should have just left, but as of yet, i've never walked out of a movie.


SNL has gotten really bad. It got bad when Will Ferrell left, it got worst when Jimmy Fallon left. I can't believe how bad the jokes have gotten. I've always thought that Weekend Update was the best part of the show. Even when it was bad before, i would be content to just watch Weekend Update but Amy isn't working out. It's too bad becuase i always liked her as Andy's Sister on Conan O'Brien and i was hoping she would do great stuff on SNL.
I watched a skit last week that was so lame, i resented the time lost. I kept watching, i kept waiting for the payoff. It never came.

Sin City Review

Ok, here's my take on it. It's a little long and the pacing is kinda flat. Maybe it's just because I already know what's going to happen or maybe it's because the comics are mostly dialog and not allot of action. Maybe the pace is flat because there was allot material, as it is they cut some of the material from the That Yellow Bastard. When they realize that they killed a hero cop and everything was fucked, the movie just kept going along, no dramatic pause.
In any case, there was allot of tits and ass to look at, more than I would have expected. Seems the script called for it.