Tuesday, April 29, 2008

multiplayer DS drawing game

apparently, this DS party drawing game, LOL will only be available to purchase over the internet. (5/30). One person hosts the game, thinks of a drawing challenge, and gives everyone so much time to come up with an answer, then everyone votes. It's multiplayer only.

Monday, April 28, 2008

stumptown 2008

I was pretty excited to go this year. It was only half a year since the last one since APE had moved the fall, Stumptown moved to the spring and it seemed like allot of the talent that would have been at APE this time of year was instead going to be here. I started with Dave Roman's panel on Saturday, which was basically self promotion. he talked about how he got into comics from cartoon cross promotion (G.I. Joe vs Transformers). I met Mike there and walked around. The show was bigger than ever and so less intimate. i waited a while for Julia Wertz to get back to her table as she was off at some panel. When i left, i realized that i hadn't seen Derek Kirk Kim or Gene Yang.
Went to the art battle that night. Mike Russel didn't host, not as much fun. The teams were web comics vs print. The teams included the usual cadre from pants press on one side and Carla Speed McNeil and I'm not sure who else on the print side. It seems like allot of people left at one point for some reason.
i wasn't going to go Sunday, but i woke up with a slight headache and generally felt useless, so i look at the schedule and decided to go to the webcomicsworkshop panel which was pretty informative. The next panel was Mike Russel talking about making money from web comics. Very entertaining . He recommend a book called How to Make Webcomics. The most interesting point was that web comics, unlike print comics, give the content away for free and are more like tv. They build a loyal following and make money from the auxiliary stuff, ad placement, books, t-shirts etc. And really, more to the point, are more like a band. You listen for free on the radio and they make money going on tour (appearing at conventions). I traded t-shirts with Liz Baille and Graham Annable and found someone in town that will take my shirts on consignment.

some stuff i bought:
Blind Fart Ken Dahl
Delayed Replays Liz Prince
Lowbright #0 Derek Kirk Kim
Layover Liz Baillie
Teen Boat Dave Roman
Meanwhile and Knock! Knock! Jason Shiga
the Fart Party Julia Wertz
Hey 4-eyes #1
Smile Raina Telgemeier
Poison the Cure
Pizza Wizard
Finder:King of the Cats Carla Speed McNeil
+ various other minis.

Bryan Lee O'Malley and Hope Larson are going to be at Cosmic Monkey May 8th (6-8 PM)