Tuesday, August 30, 2005


I love this image. It's just sums up everything.

comic swap recap

So the comics swap went pretty well. I think that everyone found something. Mike has Bone, Sven took the Metropolis book, Philip borrowed the Weasle comics. Did Gretchin find anything? There wasn't as much digging through boxes as i would have imagined although, i guess at this point Philip and i are the only onese still reading comics and no one seemed the care aboutthe funny books that i like and pointed out for people. I borrowed a beanworld book from sven and various manga books that philip brought + Scott Pilgrim part 2. (btw, i just figured out that he's married to hope larson)

Excalibur is having a half off sale this weekend, as i expected.

Monday, August 29, 2005

another ben link

quote ben:

This flash video takes forever to load, but is too damn cute.


ipod woes

So, on thurday, at the mac salon we tried to connect my ipod to carl's computer and had no luck. Some sort of error trying to connect. Mike suggested i tried disk utilities which i did that night. I was unable to erase the drive or use the ipod restore function to work. I tried setting it in drive mode (menu+select then select+play) and still no go. It was late so i let drive utilites run overnight. The next morning still no luck. No ipod for me at work friday. I went to the apple store on saturday and explained everything he tried. He just said he was going to give me a new one because he said it sounded like the drive was bad. He asked if it was still under warranty and i replied that i didnt' know since i couldn't recall when i bought it but i hadn't gotten a offer to extend my warranty from apple. He looked it up and said that i was a week and a half out of warranty but that he would replace it anyways.
I have a shinny new ipod (same model).

Thursday, August 18, 2005

perl lesson

How to turn this list:

Zwan:Mary Star Of The Sea
k.d. lang:Absolute Torch and Twang
k.d. lang:Hymns Of The 49th Parallel
k.d. lang:Invincible Summer
k.d. lang:Shadowland

into this list:

Mary Star Of The Sea
Absolute Torch and Twang
Hymns Of The 49th Parallel
Inncible Summer


#!/usr/bin/perl -w

$header ="random text";

foreach $line (<>)
if ($line =~ /$header/)
$line =~ s/$header/ /;
$line =~ s/(.*\:)/\U$1/;
$header = quotemeta $1;
$line =~ s/\:/\n\t/; #indent album
print $line;

It took me a couple of days to figure out i had to use "quotemeta" to
escape all those random, special characters that might appear in any

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Kenny vs Spenny

Have you guys heard of Kenny vs Spenny? The portland mercury had and article about them a few weeks ago. It's on the game show network, which I don't get, but I found an episode on-line. These two guys just have dumb contests about anything and in this one they see who can gain the most weight in a week. One guy eats anything he can, like you'd expect, while the other one decides that muscle weighs more than fat so he works out. Amazingly, they both manage to gain a substantial amount of weight in a week time. I think everyone should watch this.

boxing squirrels

follow the link for more images.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005


I haven't drawn much lately. here's something i did really quick.

Bridge pedal

On Sunday I was one of the 20,000 riders of the Portland bridge pedal. I did the 8 bridge/24 mile ride which covers most of the bridges except the sellwood bridge. I went as far up at the St. John's bridge. I left my house at 7:35, got there at 8 and by the time I got through registration and the queue to start, I didn't get going until 8:30. The Marquam bridge was a big party and you had to walk your bike to get through. As it was, I slipped under the police tape to the side just to get through a little faster. As a result, I missed the water there. The next stop was out of water. And then my chain got stuck between the gears. I had to walk to the top of the Freemont bridge and then wait to get help from the mechanic's station there. That took about a half hour. I ended up walking the last portion up the St. John's because I was tired by then and it's kinda steep. I swear, the wind was blowing against me to and from the St. John's. I finished at 12. It took me another half hour to drag my self home afterwards. My ass is still sore from the ride.

Thursday, August 11, 2005


Diablo II came out five years ago and Blizzard just released a new update with new content for the game. I'm almost tempted to play again. I played that game for at least two years, maybe more.

btw, i figured out why that game is so addictive (at least for me). It's a gambling game. I not talking about turning in gold for some random item from a vendor, i mean that everytime you killed something, it dropped something. With the combination of a choice weapon, a good suffix and a good prefix, you had the three wheels of a slot machine. Didn't get anything good this time, it's so easy to "crank the lever" again and see what you get this time.

The drop rates in WoW are much lower. It's not as rewarding to play.

Windows NT = OS/2

Did you know this?

- Microsoft changes the name of OS/2 v3.0 to Windows NT. [40]
[40] Info World, July 29, 1991, Volume 13, Issue 30.


Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Fav video

hey, one of my favorite videos is available in high res quicktime 7 now.

alive again

Ok, so i've finally quit World of Warcraft. Maybe i'll start getting some sleep again and stop walking around in a daze. Over 6-7 months i got to level 43 with my paladin. I swear, i did everything wrong with this character, I should have been further along. I'm going to stop playing video games for a while.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

not paypal

damn, i almost fell for a phishing scam untill i noticed that the url wasn't "paypal.com" but "paypal.com.authorized-user.cn". Is CN canada? The link in the email said paypal.com, but i suppose you can make a link read as anything.
Using different browsers with different "secure site" schemes adds to the confusion.

For Ben

For Ben, a link relating to one of his favorite comics.

Monday, August 08, 2005

Ben's birthday

yesterday was ben's birthday. I was lame and neglected to call since i spent most of the day doing zine symposium related stuff.

So, here's ben's law web site. Be sure to link often and drive his google ranking higher.

lost postings

doens't look like i'm going to recover the posting from last week. I'll have to do them again.