Monday, August 29, 2005

ipod woes

So, on thurday, at the mac salon we tried to connect my ipod to carl's computer and had no luck. Some sort of error trying to connect. Mike suggested i tried disk utilities which i did that night. I was unable to erase the drive or use the ipod restore function to work. I tried setting it in drive mode (menu+select then select+play) and still no go. It was late so i let drive utilites run overnight. The next morning still no luck. No ipod for me at work friday. I went to the apple store on saturday and explained everything he tried. He just said he was going to give me a new one because he said it sounded like the drive was bad. He asked if it was still under warranty and i replied that i didnt' know since i couldn't recall when i bought it but i hadn't gotten a offer to extend my warranty from apple. He looked it up and said that i was a week and a half out of warranty but that he would replace it anyways.
I have a shinny new ipod (same model).


gl. said...

holy cow! that's great! the shiny new ipod, i mean, not the tech woes.

Carl Caputo said...

That is the best ending to that story that I could have imagined. I mean, really, what better ending to that story can there be?