Sunday, February 27, 2005

Answer the door, it's pizza nazi

Last sunday was Amelia's birthday so i got dinner from Portland's very own pizza nazi. "Pizza nazi" you say? Yes, they make their dough the day before and when they run out, they close up. You're only allowed 3 topping and only one can be meat. It was good and not any more expensive than another fancy pizza in town (pizzacato, vincente's). I'll have to try it again, when i'm not at the tail end of a cold to really appreciate it.

Friday, February 25, 2005

[PD] Crush

It always happens. Everytime I'm in a new social setting, I'll find myself attracted to some girl or another. Sometimes it's almost a conscious decision about who the cutest girl in any group is because that's the person who I want to validate my existence. Go ahead and ask me, in any group, I'll tell you who the one person is that I want to pay attention to me.
Growing up, I had this f'd up idea that the 10% most attractive people date themselves and the rest of us have to fight amongst ourselves to climb the social ladder. Sure, the top 10% could choose to date below their level, but that was their choice. I have no idea where this theory came from. All I can figure is that growing up watching media and seeing that beautiful actors dated other beautiful actors, it must be the way it is.

[PD] circles

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

More movies

I broke down and bought Roxio's Popcorn. I was going to build a PC with the processor they gave me(fast) just to use dvdshrink (free) and also considered buying VPC(I have a G5!) if that would run dvdshrink but then thought, "Why not just spend the $40 and be done with it?"
I works just fine. It doesn't require Toast like I thought it did. I was able to copy Harold and Kumar just fine, without compression using the "movie only" option which is funny, because it was just slightly to big to copy using just dvdbackup and Toast with the menus like i normally would. I'm not sure how long it takes to re-encode video since i walk away after starting it. I did see a progress bar with a 40 minute counter when i set up another movie, but don't know how accurate that is and if that's for the whole process.
Speaking of which, Harold and Kumar go to White Castle is a funny movie. It's almost as funny as Half-Baked and has the same sense of humor. As testament to the movie, I was watching it with Amelia. She said she had to go to bed. She got up and stood in the doorway while I kept watching. Eventually, she sat back down and watched another half hour. That never happens.

Thursday, February 17, 2005


Ok, so i finished Bone and it's good story, but i wouldn't say it's great. I wouldn't push it on anyone and tell them that they have to read it. I'm not saying that it's bad, I enjoyed it, but it's not as good as Hate, Cerbus or Why I Hate Saturn.
It appears 7 times on this list, but i still don't see why. What am I missing?

People on your street

Amelia told me that a bag of potting soil that she had out front is no longer there, our neighbor's lemon tree is missing and someone broke into Kirk's car and took a bunch of papers including bank statements. So that's possible identity theft and maybe you could sell a bag of soil, but who steals a lemon tree? Are these people on drugs?

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Better living through dentistry

I'm down to about 190 lbs. It seems that I continued to lose some weight after my sabbatical. So either, that month of working out had a long term effect on me, or not eating after having my wisdom teeth pulled altered my eating habits. (or a combination of the two) I lost about 7 lbs.
I bought pants a size smaller and I finally found Levis with a 29" inseam. Did they just start making these? A 30" inseam was long enough that I would step on the pants leg if I was barefoot which always annoyed me.
I'm not going to toss out my old pants yet...

Tuesday, February 15, 2005


I think i gave myself a headache. I while ago, i bought a paradigm subwoofer to go with the bookself speakers i have. I was just going to buy a 10" sub, but they were out and they offered to sell me a 12" at the same price. (i think they were getting a new version of the 12" in soon). This weekend i was listening to Meat Beat Manifesto, and they must have had some very low frequency sounds on one of the tracks. It was something i had never noticed before and with the radio cranked up, it was making me ill. I just waited for the ipod to get to the next song. I should have bought a smaller sub.

Monday, February 14, 2005

Dr. Sin

I went to Mike's the week before last to watch Dr. Who for the first time. I caught the end of Pyramids of Mars and saw a Peter Davidson episode. The only thing I liked was the idea of containing fire through the power of thought for some reason. The Peter Davidson character had a companion that was suppose to be American and I didn't think that she did that bad of a job but then it occurred to me that she sounded like a teenager from a John Hughes movie. She was doing Molly Ringwald.
While I was there, Mike showed me the trailer for Sin City. It looks just like the comic book. It's amazing. I'm going to have to show people the comic before they see the movie so that they'll be impressed.

This picture of Oldman from Batman Begins is enough to want me to see this movie. It's like he got Gordon's mustache perfectly.

Friday, February 11, 2005

Reading list

I'm currently reading the collected Bone one volume($40). It's a really good deal since it's 1300 pages collecting some 13 books that retail for $10+ apiece. You can get it for even less at Amazon.
I bought it at the comic book store, because that's where I saw it. It seems cheesy to browse one place and buy elsewhere + I want to support my comic book shop.
The comic book store clerk told me that Scholastic books has picked up Bone and will be reprinting the books in color. I suppose the books will reach a whole new audience. I did find the one volume collection at Borders, but then they also carry Kolcha's books as well. I wonder if the the bone books will also appear in those grade school order forms?

It's a good book, very enjoyable and really a page turner but so far I don't see why it's so lauded. Is it just the best thing out there? Isn't Usagi Yojimbo just as good? (I haven't read Usagi yet). Bone doesn't seem so extraordinary so far.

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Girl Next Door

I watched the Girl Next Door the other night because sometimes I just want to watch a dumb movie with a good looking girl. But even for a dumb teen movie, it wasn't that funny and it wasn't that titillating. Things happened too easily and just when I thought the movie was going to end, it kept going. I've read that it's an uncredited remake of Risky Business and I can see why they say that since it has basically all of the same plot points, it's just a whole lot more boring.
Although, i have to admit that i was a teenager when i saw Risky Business so that movie may not have as much impact now as it did then. Oddly, the Girl Next Door gets a slightly higher rating in IMDB. (6.8 vs 6.7)

Friday, February 04, 2005


I drew this after viewing a Joseph Campbell documentary. I forgot what else he said and never went back to the drawing.