Tuesday, February 22, 2005

More movies

I broke down and bought Roxio's Popcorn. I was going to build a PC with the processor they gave me(fast) just to use dvdshrink (free) and also considered buying VPC(I have a G5!) if that would run dvdshrink but then thought, "Why not just spend the $40 and be done with it?"
I works just fine. It doesn't require Toast like I thought it did. I was able to copy Harold and Kumar just fine, without compression using the "movie only" option which is funny, because it was just slightly to big to copy using just dvdbackup and Toast with the menus like i normally would. I'm not sure how long it takes to re-encode video since i walk away after starting it. I did see a progress bar with a 40 minute counter when i set up another movie, but don't know how accurate that is and if that's for the whole process.
Speaking of which, Harold and Kumar go to White Castle is a funny movie. It's almost as funny as Half-Baked and has the same sense of humor. As testament to the movie, I was watching it with Amelia. She said she had to go to bed. She got up and stood in the doorway while I kept watching. Eventually, she sat back down and watched another half hour. That never happens.

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