Friday, February 11, 2005

Reading list

I'm currently reading the collected Bone one volume($40). It's a really good deal since it's 1300 pages collecting some 13 books that retail for $10+ apiece. You can get it for even less at Amazon.
I bought it at the comic book store, because that's where I saw it. It seems cheesy to browse one place and buy elsewhere + I want to support my comic book shop.
The comic book store clerk told me that Scholastic books has picked up Bone and will be reprinting the books in color. I suppose the books will reach a whole new audience. I did find the one volume collection at Borders, but then they also carry Kolcha's books as well. I wonder if the the bone books will also appear in those grade school order forms?

It's a good book, very enjoyable and really a page turner but so far I don't see why it's so lauded. Is it just the best thing out there? Isn't Usagi Yojimbo just as good? (I haven't read Usagi yet). Bone doesn't seem so extraordinary so far.

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I'm interested in what you think about Bone once you're done with it.