Tuesday, August 30, 2005

comic swap recap

So the comics swap went pretty well. I think that everyone found something. Mike has Bone, Sven took the Metropolis book, Philip borrowed the Weasle comics. Did Gretchin find anything? There wasn't as much digging through boxes as i would have imagined although, i guess at this point Philip and i are the only onese still reading comics and no one seemed the care aboutthe funny books that i like and pointed out for people. I borrowed a beanworld book from sven and various manga books that philip brought + Scott Pilgrim part 2. (btw, i just figured out that he's married to hope larson)

Excalibur is having a half off sale this weekend, as i expected.


Michael said...

Just back issues or trade paperbacks too.

gl. said...

i picked up the mcweeney's comic issue. :) it takes some time to get acquainted; i would have dug around for another hour, i think, but i prefer to read them while they're there or i will take forEVER returning them.