Wednesday, December 27, 2006

wii home

Bought Lego Star Wars II for Miles only to have the Game Cube come to a slow death on Christmas. Got a Wii to replace it at Target today. Only had to wait after one person to get it.

the score?

1. Me 112
2. Miles 86
3. Ben 68


Anonymous said...

I'm still rocking out on "Guitar Hero," which I got for my birthday.

Philip said...

I'm so jealous. We still haven't found a Wii yet. I was beginning to think that they were actually mythical.

tom said...

Waa you got a Wii. I waant a wii too!

Anonymous said...

Still, the Wii is better than a PS3, in the aggregate. If not, it certainly is cheaper.

AV (not a Sony fanboy, just a cheap bastard)

Anonymous said...

I was ripped, I tell you! I'm a decent bowler, really I am!

-Ben S.