Monday, February 19, 2007

amimal crossing (GC)

so i had played animal crossings years ago as a rental and recently decided to buy it since it was on sale and by buying it, you get a memory card with a NES game included. animal crossing is like the sims, with cute animals. you deliver packages, pay off your house, collect fossils, insects and fish and try to decorate your house with the proper feng shui principals. furthermore, it has a real time calendar aspect to the game. some animals only appear during certian months and holidays are celebrated in the game. i started my new town on the new card and then tried to visit my old town. so my old town is on a third party card i bought and it's been kinda flaky. it seems to only work on my gamecube and i can read it only on the second slot on the wii. unfortunately, animal crossing, like many games will only read the first slot and furthermore, it won't allow me to copy the data to a new card. well, when i tried to travel to my old town, the wii would no longer read the the card. i tried reinserting the card a few times, wiggling this way and that. it read it enough to start a trip and then failed. i reset the machine and tried again. this time it reported that the old town data was corrupt and surprise, as a result i lost all the items i had "on me" including the letter with the NES game and money.
I'm never buying third party hardware again.

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