Wednesday, May 14, 2008

what i listen to

so mostly i listen to the ign games podcast. i tend to listen to all of them even though i don't have all the platforms. Secondly, I'll listen to indie spinner rack for comics related stuff. I used to listen to all around comics, comic geek speak, fanboy radio, wait wait don't tell me and this week in science. Every once in a while, i still listen to music like my new favorite song.

i forgot to mention the friday podcast of Cort and Fatboy. Mike Russel (movie reviews) , Aaron Duran (comics news) and Dave Walker (b movies) are regular guests + there's a few interviews with Katie Sackhoff. How geek focused is the show? Who else on the air has skits about voltron and talks about how Dave Walker has been named as a skrull by Bendis?

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