Sunday, March 06, 2005

Amelia Approved.

Well, it seems that I've found another "Amelia Approved" game, Burnout 3. The point of this game is to crash other cars, and who can't do that? It made allot of end of year lists, including Time's (right along with Katamari Damacy) although most of the lists mention the xbox version. The game seems to have allot load times so i wonder if that's not an issue with the xbox since it has more memory. Amelia hates to admit that she likes it and that she wants to keep playing it. I think she even said that this might be the most fun game ever, but she won't repeat it.

Speaking of Katamari, have you seen all the Katamari links on memepool for Feb. 25th?


gl. said...

the playdoh link was great!

Anonymous said...

I got the katamari game and I really dig it, but I want to get that car crashy game too. It looks cool. And who doesnt like wanton destruction for fun and profit?