Sunday, March 20, 2005

list 2, favorite movies

1. Rushmore. I could have watched this movie for hours. The characters were great and believable even if it was a fantasy. Scott has a theory that any movie with the idea of "if i knew then when i know now" has an instant appeal. Peggy Sue got Married, Ferris Bueller's Day Off...
2. Fight Club. I saw this on a trip to Seattle when i was planning to got to Ikea...
I didn't know anything about the movie except that i had the impression that it was about machismo, that may been a big part of why it made such an impression. You might think it's dark, i think it's hilarous.
3. Henry Fool. Another movie with great characters. You might know people like those in the film but it's not about mundane characters. It's the only Hal Hartly movie i really like (sorry ben) although i have to admit that i haven't seen any of the films he's made since this one.

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