Monday, December 05, 2005

Of Comics and Men

So I've been thinking lately about how the appeal of comics is usually couched in terms of empowerment fantasy; weak, sickly nerds' dreams of retribution and invulnerability. But i wonder if it's not that the superhero is the embodiment of a single person making a difference and so they attract the people that want to change the world . Is wanting to change the world predominately the realm of men? Or, is it that only men dream of doing it by themselves? Do only progressive liberals read comics? Sure, there are some girls that read comics, but it's usually not superheroes.

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me said...

There is the strangest guy in my critique class -- awkward small -- doesn't speak much. He paints comic superheroes in situations involving acts of violence in his neighborhood (Buena Park). He ties them up and has them suffering sometimes. He even puts a soundtrack together with screams and odd dialog -- and uses blacklight paint and flashes the lights so you see hidden stories in his work.

I think he is definitely using allegory for what scares him -- for what he lacks in physical strength -- for what's necessary to fight the bad guys -- All he can do (his powers) is think, feel and make art about it -- but that doesn't protect anybody. His work seems desperate, regressive

I think he's fascinating -- but I'm always intrigued by authentic oddballs.

As far as girls reading comics -- could it be that girls need more text and less graphics and the opposite for boys. Just a thought...