Saturday, February 04, 2006

Beauty and the Geek 2

OK, there's a Beauty and the Geek2 marathon starting Sunday at 7 PM. Right now it's the only show i'm making an effort to watch. The basic premise is that they pair up archetypes of geeks (a DM, a chess champion etc) with bimbos (a waitress, a beer spokes model) and they have to cross train each other to win competitions so they learn from each other. The girls have to put a computer together, the guys have to decorate a room. Maybe i relate to the geeks a little, maybe i like to see girls that know something. Anyways, it's not a mean show and the people that try to make it competitive get kicked off the show by the other players.


Anonymous said...

UM....that was me. Ben S.

Anonymous said...

Damn, saw this post too late. I didn't record it.