Wednesday, February 15, 2006

new imac

So i'm writting this on a shiny new duo core imac. Miguel wants a tower, so i'm giving him my G5. It's kinda of a lateral move for me. I transfered all the contents using the migration manager and drive mode on the old computer. The itunes library was on the second internal drive of the G5, so when i launched itunes, it still saw the files where it expected them to be so i just changed the music folder location to the new computer and consolidated the library. Itunes moved the files and i didn't have to rebuild my index. pretty slick. Also, i moved Amelia's account from the laptop to this computer so we'll all share the office. Now i just have to move the printer and scanner from the basement and find somewhere to place them.


gl. said...

neat! congratulations! you know michael hall's got one of those, too, right?

Al said...

I want reports! It looks pretty good. I'm actually satisfied with my Dell, with the Pentium D inside.

(Is Miguel living in Portland, too? Where's Mauricio?)

xire said...

It seems kinda slugish but that might be because i only had 5GB left on the drive and the VM size is 10GB. Also, i only have one 1GB stick in it. In any case, it seems the Core Duo is laptop processor. Whatever they release in the new towers are sure to have more power.

Miguel is in LA and Mauricio is in Seattle. (yeah, we have this coast covered)