Sunday, October 30, 2005

Ricky's volcano

Here's Ricky's lino-cut. I think this is from the same trip. I remember this was after we had gone to the museum of natural history in LA.


me said...

Mauricio made do one of these -- I remember it being painful. Lino cuts are hard -- I wonder if you taught him how to do it...?

xire said...

hard in which way? Hard to gouge or hard to think of negative space and a mirror image? Ricky did it as a kid, but you can tell there are shaky lines in the cut. There is softer rubber material that you can use, but i think it's too soft.
I think it's a great way to get you to think about negative space and changing the balance to negative to positive space.

me said...

hard to gouge. I just don't think it is my thing - and I might have cut myself.

I did an apple -- if I get a chance I'll take a picture.