Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Scott Pilgrim's Precious Little Movie

Wha? The director of Shaun of the Day and Spaced wants to make a movie out of Scott Pilgrim's Precious Little Life? I'm a little late here since this was announced Feb 2nd. It doesn't look like it's gotten passed the "announced" stage so i doubt it will happen.


Anonymous said...

Ok. I've read the first two volumes of Scott Pilgrim now. Pretty fun.

Reminds me a bit, in tone, to "Flyboy action figure comes with gasmask" and "Angry young spaceman" by Jim Munroe.

Munroe is a Canadian author, as I'm assuming the O'Malley is, and it makes me wonder why this particular brand of 20-something love story in a weird/magical setting is so big in Canada.

-Ben S.

xire said...

Yep, O'Malley is Canadian. He firmly places his story in a specific city, whose name i can't think of.