Wednesday, November 30, 2005


So i finally got around to reading the first Powers paperback, Who killed Retrogirl and i was disappointed. Does it get better? I mean, I've thought of the whole "die young and become imortalized" thing. Also, I think i must have read part of it somewhere before too, but i don't know where. I had picked up issue 50 just because Patton Oswald answered the letter column and thought that the dialog was better in that one issue.

I thought the JLA Classified with DeMattis and McGuire had more impact. I had bought issues 4-7 at one store and having read them, i went out the next day to find the last two issues. (the first three issues were a different story)


Philip said...

It's been a while since I read the early volumes, but I think the quality level is fairly consistent. I can loan you some of the other volumes the next time we get together.

As for the feeling that you've read part of it before; Bendis is somewhat notorious for not differentiating characters' voices and for making conversations last a long, long time. Maybe you've read something else by him & it just sounded the same.

xire said...

i think it was that whole "what does this phrase mean to you?" sequence. wasn't kinda of a big deal at the time. it must have appeared in some preview or something.

i guess i need to read all those manga you lent me. i've read the Full Metal Alchemist and have aquired some of the anime.