Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Jane Says

Is Jane Says our generation's Stairway to Heaven?

It's the song that everyone stops to listen to and sings along to. Maybe it's just the frat boys.


me said...

It is the only Jane's Addiction song that I still have to listen to--and I have it on more than one mix cd. I even play it at work while I'm teaching

Anyway, why do you ask -- what are you thinking...? What are your comparisons?

Anonymous said...

I hope not. I like Stairway, and am not so fond of Jane.

Ben S.

me said...

I'm sure I'm younger than Ben S -- and maybe that's why I like Jane Says. I do not have a copy of stairway, nor am I that entranced with it. It is a good song -- but I like more direct, honest grit -- and I think Jane Says is that -- Stairway is more poetic...too poetic.

I wonder if there is anything to that -- it could be just me, but are x/y cusper's into bluntness? I guess 1977 (my year) is the last year for x -- I'm on the cusp and don't really belong in either group...ok I'm starting to go off, sorry...