Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Laura Viers

I went and saw Laura Viers at the Dig Fir Lounge a week ago friday. It might be the only show i've gone to this year, and although i've been working extra hours i made the effort to go to this show since she's someone i really like and listen to often even if i did have to go by myself. I thought i was a pretty good show although she mostly did matterial from her new album, which i hadn't heard yey. Now that i've heard it, i don't think that it's as good a Troubled by the Fire (a favorite). The Doug Fir Lounge is a nice venue; new, clean and small. Everyone sat to listen to her when she played. She commented that she felt like she was at the library at reading hour because we were all listening so attentley, but that was ok because she likes libraries. She did a one song encore where they kinda rocked out, but since she's classified as folk in itunes, you kinda have to take it for what it was: a quite vocalist playing with trying to be loud and make noise.
The opening act was the Great Lake Swimmers, which was actually one person that sounded kinda like Nick Drake ( i didn't listen that closely). He sounded pretty good. It might be worth following up on. I mentioned to someone at work about the show, and he said he goes the the Dig Fir web site just to find new acts to listen to.

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gl. said...

i don't think i've heard any of her stuff, but i'm curious now.