Monday, June 27, 2005

Batman Begins w/ spoilers

So i saw Batman Begins. It's the best of the batman movies because it's not campy. There were like two jokes, and they fell flat. I'm glad for that. It's not a great movie though. X-men and Spiderman were better. I didn't leave the theatre charged, wanting to be batman and drive around in my car really fast i stealth mode and zip in and out of traffic (ok maybe a little)

Here's the problems i had with the plot. First Alfred buys into the costumed crimefighter without a thought. What? Gordon says at the end of the movie about how this is now an arms race implying that he's maybe the first to don a mask so what bruce did is even odder. Sure, if half of society is running around at night, it might be seen as ok but... Alfred doesn't even argue that he might get hurt. I suppose that would be the cliched reaction and a waste of film time. "Gordon, i want you to drive this strange vehicle and destroy part of the city. Sure thing stranger in a mask that held a weapon to my head!" Secondly batman is a driven character. He achieves extraordinary things by force of will. I this movie, it's almost a path of least resistance. He has no aim, he stumbles into his present situation and why he becomes batman is not explained. It's not revenge, they explain that. He's told he can't let anger rule him. The closest reason given is that he subverts the training he's given by Ducat. Thirdly, a secret society that destroys feted civilization thought history? No problem in a comic book, but it's given no credibility in the movie.
I did like the fact the populous' first exposure to batman is under a fear inducing hallucinogen further enhancing his myth.

The casting was great, except for scarecrow. That guy looked alike a wantabe smallville clark kent and i'm suppose to believe he has a doctorate? Does Christian Bale always talk with his lips jutting? At first i thought he was doing it to sound younger when he "came back from college" but then he did it later in the present.

Anyways, i liked the movie and i've always liked batman so i hope they make more now that they've gotten the orgin out of the way.

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