Wednesday, June 01, 2005


So i saw Closer, the film where natalie portman plays a stripper. Bad casting, she like Brittney Murphy in Sin City, seems like she's never known a hard day in her life. I felt i could have watched the whole movie at 1.5x speed but i kinda liked the ending. Maybe it becuase i saw Clive Owen in the Croupier, but he ended up playing everyone like it was some kind of conman film.
I was surprised to find out that it was based on a play. Usually most movies based on plays are just talking heads so it's easy to tell, but not with this film. It's not an action movie, but i have a hard time imagining it being performed on stage.


Anonymous said...

I couldn't stand the movie.

I didn't feel any of the characters showed any real attraction for each other. and everyone acting that the one guy, who I think was the elf in the LOR stuff, had such deep love for people that it needed to be reciprocated seemed insanely unrealistic.

Ben S.

xire said...

It seems to me that the point was none of them loved anyone. clive got what he wanted in the end, but you see julia lie in bed unhappy, natalie never trusted jude enough to tell him her real name and jude was "amused but bored" by natalie.

btw, when is the last time you felt real attraction between actors in a movie?

jude is the guy from "I love Huckabees".

Anonymous said...

Jude was a lot better in I heart Hucklebee's. But it may be just that Hucklebee's was a better movie.

My problem with the "None of them loved anyone" theory of the movie is that it doesn't explain the actions of the characters earlier in the movie. Both women did run off with the Jude character, both of them claimed that they felt love/want from the guy. And I didn't see it.

And as to the 'when did I feel real attraction' question it's not so much as that I really do, but that any affection was so completely lacking in this movie.

I simply couldn't ever believe these characters cared for each other. Maybe the director's to blame. Maybe the actor's. No clue.

Ben S.