Friday, June 03, 2005

tiger on pismo

Before i installed tiger on the pismo (2000 firewire) laptop i made a disc image of the hard drive by placing it in target disc mode, connecting it to the G5 and used the disc utility. If amelia for some reason didn't like the new mail program or the OS for some reason, i could revert back. The pismo only has a 6 GB drive. The drive is usually pretty full. This was the transitional computer between my first computer and the G5 so my stuff was on there as was amelia's and miles' and any apps i used. There was usually only about 300 MB free which would dwindle to less than 200MB after the computer had been in use for a while triggering a "your disc is almost full alert". Tiger, with all the options turned off still wants about 1.3 GB of free space. I managed to prune enough files to clear up the need space only to find that Tiger wanted to install some language packs that were going to take another 300 MB. I figured that i must have intalled the extra languages during some earlier install so this time i dove into the system folder and tried to find those packages because i didn't know where else i was going to find another 300 MB. I rebooted to find that now the installer now wanted to do a clean install, no update option, which would require 4.7 GB. I don't know what i threw away that goofed it up. Ok, great, i'll have to place it target disc mode, use the disc image and start throwing away stuff all over again. Well, something i threw way was needed for that too. The system wasn't so crippled that it wouldn't boot. Now i'd have to erase the drive to find enough space, do a clean install and then revert back to the old disc image and then start all over again. Amelia would kill me if i lost her email. I thought about this for a while. I did the new install and tried placing the G5 in target mode, mounted the disc image and used the migration tool to move her account to the new install. It worked! I figured that i still had access to anything that might have been on the drive with the disc image and a clean install might clear up some space.
I only had 700MB left afterwards, no iLife or any other apps the computer might have come with.


Tony said...

You might try Monolingual which removes some foreign language support from Mac OS X. It worked with Tiger, and saved me about 2-300 mb of space. There are a few other things you can probably do without, now. Like Classic (maybe).

I'm assuming you remember who I am. I'm +10 vs. God, after all. :-)

xire said...

too late now. thanks for the link.

of course i remember you. Who did you think the chicken skin link was for?

btw, you're in fullerton, right? I grew up in Buena Park.